The Excited Entrepreneur is a Philosophy. It is a mindset, an attitude, a system of thought.

At the Core of The Excited Entrepreneur are three values: Growth, Resilience and Balance.


The Excited Entrepreneur aims to learn continuously, to grow and fulfill their potential.


The Excited Entrepreneur aspires to develop mental and physical resilience, lives mindfully and courageously.


The Excited Entrepreneur strives to create a balanced life with harmonious and healthy relationships.

Dominika Stoppa, the Founder of The Excited Entrepreneur believes that improving one’s life always starts with the right mindset.

The Excited Entrepreneur’s Decalogue was created in the form of 10 Powerful Daily Affirmations.


1. I’m strong, resilient and perseverant.

2. I’m fearless in the pursuit of what sets my soul on fire.

3. I respect my energy and time.

4. I bring value to other people’s lives, I’m on a mission.

5. I love challenges because they help me learn and grow.

6. I make every day count.

7. I’m grateful for everything that life brings me.

8. I’m limitless and bold, I’m in charge.

9. I aim to work smarter, not harder.

10. Entrepreneurship is a creative process, I’m open-minded and flexible.

I'm in Charge Movement

I’m in Charge Movement is deeply connected to the Growth Mindset and aims to promote it.

“Those with a growth mindset aim to learn continuously, to grow and fulfill their potential. They see efforts as an integral part of the path to mastery and persist in the face of setbacks. They value the process rather than the outcome alone, and expect to put in effort. This parallels Covey’s notion of abundance mentality, in which successful people assume resources will become available as needed. These people see a positive-sum in which everyone can win, while a fixed mindset forces people into a zero-sum in which I can only win or lose.”
-Max Landsberg

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Congratulations! Your answers suggest that you developed a Growth Mindset and Great Resilience. Keep growing!

“This is something I know for a fact: You have to work hardest for the things you love most.”
– Carol S. Dweck

There are things you can improve. Keep growing!

“Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it’s holy ground. There’s no greater investment.”
―Stephen Covey

#1 Do you aim to learn continuously?

#2 Do you believe that success springs from talent alone?

#3 Do you feel a deep sense of mission connected to your business?

#4 Do you think that in any conflict there can be only one winner?

#5 Do you avoid feedback and worry about your self-image?

#6 Do you embrace changes in your personal life and your business?

#7 Do you value money more than your time and energy?

#8 Do you give up easily?

#9 Do you use setbacks as a wake-up call to work harder next time?

#10 Do you feel threatened by the success of others?


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Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. 

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